Justin Timberlake will on February 4th 2018 perform at the super bowl half time show in Minneapolis. This announcement was made on October 22 right before the Sunday Night football. Together with actor Christopher Walken, Justin was also featured in a commercial for Antioxidant infusions.

We all remember back in 2004 when Justin Timberlake, together with Janet Jackson, performed the “Rock your body”. Wasn’t that a sight. Currently, the singer says that he is on his fifth album which he is very open to pointing out draws inspiration from Memphis.

While Justin is yet to release any new hits after “Can’t stop the feeling”, he has been busy. Last we saw of him was at the Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee on September 23rd 2017 and followed closely with September 24 at the Dave Mathews Concert on Charlottesville.

There are a few reasons why Justin Timberlake is the right guy to perform during half time of the 2018 super bowl:

  1. He’s done it before

Back in 2001 Justin and his then band mates performed at the super bowl half time show. He showed up again in 2004 as a solo artist.  If he did it again in 2018, he would have come full circle and become the first musician to appear 3 times.

  1. He can do it

With all the great hits that Justin has released over the years, he is quite capable of entertaining on his own. Nobody minds a little sharing though, and with likewise awesome musicians, the show is going to be a blast. Some rumored others include Jay z, Drake and Chris Stapleton.

  1. He’s got it

The fact that Justin Timberlake has done this before means that he is already seasoned for the event. Its nothing new to him and we can all expect him to drop a couple of his classic hits much to everyone’s entertainment such as Cry me a river, bringing sexy back and rock your body.

After what happened in 2004 when Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson’s breast during the performance on the super bowl, this could be the perfect time for the singer to redeem himself and create better more lasting memories of himself and the show.

Compared to the events of 2004, where both Justin and Janet ended up angering the crowd, this time, Justin may end up as the crowd’s favorite.